University of Iowa


Drs. Enrique Leira and Anil Chauhan are co-PIs at the University of Iowa SPAN. Our team has worked efficiently in animal studies with the maximum rigor, involving a multidisciplinary approach of vascular neurologists, animal laboratory surgeons, and imaging facilities. Dr. Chauhan laboratory is very experienced with stroke translational animal studies. Dr. Daniel Thedens is our animal MRI imaging expert. Dr. Angel Chamorro, from the University of Barcelona, an international expert in uric acid, is a collaborator and a consultant in this proposal. Dr. Chauhan’s lab studies the mechanistic role of adhesion molecules in the pathophysiology of brain ischemia/reperfusion injury, particularly in context of thrombo-inflammation.1-4 The approach utilizes experimental models of stroke: filament and embolic models to evaluate stroke outcomes in male and female mice with preexisting comorbidities including hyperlipidemia and aging. Furthermore, the group utilizes state-of-the-art imaging techniques (intravital microscopy, laser-speckle imaging and MRI) and several sensorimotor tests (cylinder test, accelerated rota-rod test, wire-hanging test and corner test) to evaluate long-term functional recovery after stroke.


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Meet the Team

Anil Chauhan M. Tech, PhD (co-PI)
 Enrique Leira MS, MD (co-PI)
Rakesh Patel, PhD (Post-doc)
Daniel Thedens, PhD (MRI)
Mariia Kumskova, MD (Post-doc)
Abhishek Jha, PhD
Aditi Jain M. Tech, PhD (Post-Doc)
Aditi Jain M. Tech, PhD (Post-Doc)