Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI)

The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging is part of the Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute at the University of Southern California.  LONI has built a diverse team of neurobiologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists, and a worldwide network of collaborators sharing data. LONI’s goal is to increase the pace of discovery in neuroscience by better understanding how the brain works when it’s healthy and what goes wrong in disease.

LONI has been providing central data repository and informatics systems for single and multicenter research studies for almost two decades.  LONI has developed a secure data archiving system, the LONI IDA, with associated data de-identification, search, retrieval, conversion and dissemination tools that provide maximal flexibility in data storage and sharing while minimizing complexity of use.  

LONI Image Data Archive (IDA) 
The laboratory’s Image & Data Archive (IDA) is utilized by thousands of investigators around the globe to safely de-identify, store and share biomedical research data.  Our robust computing infrastructure and software combined with our many years of neuroinformatics experience places LONI at the nexus of many multicenter imaging and neuroscience studies.


LONI Image Data Archive (IDA)

 Arthur Toga, PhD
Karen Crawford
Monica Estrada
Ryan Cabeen, PhD
Kirsten Lynch, PhD