The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University(AU)


It has a rich history of medical and research excellence since 1828.  Operating as the flagship medical school in the State of Georgia, the Medical College of Georgia is the 13th oldest medical school in the United State and the 8th largest with a partnership campus with the University of Georgia in Athens and Regional campuses in Albany, Rome, Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia. It is the only public Academic Medical Center in Georgia and the affiliate, AU Health, includes a 478-bed research and teaching hospital, the 154-bed Children’s Hospital of Georgia, the Georgia Cancer Center, and one of only five Level I Trauma Centers in the State of Georgia. MCG/AU Health was the first established Joint Commission Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center in Georgia.  Our preclinical work is conducted in the “Experimental Stroke and Vascular Dementia Research Laboratory” in the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery.


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Meet the Team

From left: Mohammad B. Khan, MS,PhD (Co-I), Kris Dhandapani MS, PhD (Co-I), Ali S. Arbab MD, PhD (Co-I), David C. Hess, MD (PI). 
Shahneela Siddiqui, MS
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Pradip Kamat, PhD
Mohammad Ahamed Nisar, BS
Mohammad Ahmad Nisar, BS
Lauren Abbott, BS (Research Assistant)
Lauren Abbott, BS (Research Assistant)
Saad Tanzeem, BS-MD student
Saad Tanzeem, BS-MD student
Tej Murudkar, BS-MD student
Tej Murudkar, BS-MD student